Hay Equipment

Rhino’s line of hay products are simple to use and offer many options to make the perfect hay. Our disc movers, wheel rakes, and hay tedders are an economical solution for large or small operations.

Disc Mowers
Disc Mowers

Rhino’s line of disc mowers is a perfect completion to the rest of its Hay Products. They are easy to use and economical providing the perfect unit to make the perfect hay.

Crop Driven Rakes
Crop Driven Rakes

The full line of Rhino wheel rakes is designed to offer a gentle, crop driven solution for your hay raking needs. There are 5 series of rakes available in a total of 15 different sizes. Spring Steel dinger wheels are used on all models to provide a clean job with reduced “roping” or twisting of the crop. Whether you have a large or small operation, Rhino Crop Driven Rakes offer a simple solution for your raking needs.

Hay Tedders
Hay Tedders

Rhino Pull Type Hay Tedders are designed for simple operation and to help speed the hay drying process. The action of the spring steel tines lifts, spreads and “Fluffs” the hay allowing better airflow through the crop.

Rhino Patriot rakes provide high clearance and high performance characteristics in a compact package for years of dependable service.

Patriot Rakes

Rhino Patriot rakes provide high clearance and high performance characteristics in a compact package for years of dependable service.

The high clearance center frame and wheel arms of the Patriot rakes leave plenty of room for hay in heavy conditions. Additionally, raising the front rake wheels on a RHP10 or RHP12 allows it to operate as an 8- or 10-wheel unit in heavy conditions. The adjustable spring suspension helps rake wheels work at the proper load, giving outstanding accuracy on uneven terrain.

Patriot rakes adapt to changing conditions with simple adjustments for windrow width and working width. Width adjustments can be made from the tractor seat using the optional Hydraulic Windrow Adjustment Kit. Raising one set of wheels allows right or left hand raking in tight spaces.

V-Type rakes are available in 8-, 10- or 12-wheel configurations. Fifteen-inch tires provide extra stability in the field and on the road. The rake sections fold horizontally over the carriage for narrow transport width and extra stability.

Features and Benefits

  • V-Type rake available in 8, 10 or 12 wheel configurations
  • Rake wheels that flex to the ground contour to allow operation in rough, uneven terrain
  • Designed to operate in heavier hay without plugging
  • Designed for right or left hand raking
  • Width adjustments from the tractor seat with the optional hydraulic windrow adjustment kit



# of Finger Wheels 8 10 12
Finger Wheel Diameter 55” (139.7 cm) 55” (139.7 cm) 55” (139.7 cm)
Tine Diameter .28” (7 mm) .28” (7 mm) .28” (7 mm)
Transport Width 11.0’ (3.35 m) 11’ 4’’(3.48 m) 11’ 6”(3.55 m)
Min Working Width 16’-9” (5.1 m) 17’-8” (5.39 m) 19’-9” (6.02 m)
Max Working Width 19' (5.8m) 20’-8” (6.31 m) 24’-2” (7.38 m)
Min Windrow Width 32” (.81m) 32” (.81m) 32” (.81m)
Max Windrow Width 83” (210 cm) 83” (210 cm) 83” (210 cm)
Approx. weight (lbs.) 1950 lbs (675 kg) 2100 lbs (740 kg) 2450 lbs (830 kg)
Hitch Jack Std. Std. Std.
Tires 205-75/15 205-75/15 205-75/15
Min HP Required 30 HP (22.4 kW) 30 HP (22.4 kW) 50 HP (37.3 kW)

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