Hydraulic Ditchback

The preferred choice of experienced operators for the mowing of pond banks, levees, drainage ditches, and hard-to-reach areas


Over 30 years of hydraulic mower design experience has made the Rhino® DB150 the preferred choice of experienced operators for the mowing of pond banks, levees, drainage ditches, and hard-to-reach areas.

The DB150 can extend to a maximum of 158" from the center line of the tractor allowing the 60 inch rotary head to cut areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with ordinary mowers. By being hydraulically driven, maintenance is greatly reduced with the absence of belts and pulleys. The DB150 outperforms many competitive units with smaller hydraulic systems. The DB150 utilizes a large (60 gallon max.) hydraulic system which allows the unit to run cooler in tough mowing conditions. The large reservoir also serves as a counterweight and remains stationary on the mainframe, eliminating the potential traffic hazard of a movable counter-balance weight. The DB150 features a heavy-duty three-point hitch using a lower double lug hitch system to fit a wide range of tractors. To help insure a clean cut, the DB150 features updraft blades and a blade tip speed of 20,028 FPM.

The DB150 can be retracted to a width of 119" for easy transport on narrow roads and through narrow gates. The operating range of the head is 85° up and 90° down to handle many different applications. The transport-locking arm can be attached easily to lock the head in transport position for enhanced safety during transport. Unit hook-up and storage is made easier by the standard support stand.

Potential traffic hazards are reduced by the stationary oil reservoir. Unlike most competitive models, the DB150’s counterweight does not extend out into traffic when the cutting head is extended. The optional side gauge wheel helps the head follow the ground contours. The heavy-duty boom arm is constructed using a special steel alloy that adds strength and rigidity.

The hydraulic motor of the DB150 mounts to the frame, not the deck, to help reduce downtime and repair costs. The gearbox mount access hole allows for easy access to the spindle housing grease fitting. The clean deck design of the DB150 increases the life of the unit by allowing for easier clean-up.

A Cat 4 driveline is standard equipment on the DB150, allowing for easy unit hook-up. The speed increaser and hydraulic pump are mounted to the frame for a secure mount and easy access to component parts. A heavy duty ball valve separates the hydraulic reservoir from the hydraulic pump, motor, and hoses and can be closed to reduce oil loss during maintenance and repair. The driveline is fully shielded for enhanced safety.

Features and Benefits

  • CAT II-III quick hitch
  • Hydraulic breakaway
  • 60 gallon oil reservoir
  • 190 degrees of head movement
  • 2” diameter cut capacity
  • 9 ½ foot transport width



Cutting Width 60"
HP Required 60, with adequate front ballast
Oil Reservoir Capacity 55 Gallons, factory filled
Blade Tip Speed 20,028 FPM
Horizontal Reach (Max.) 158" from center of tractor
Cutting Capacity (Max.) 1"
Overload Protection Hydralic Relief Valve
Range of Head Movement (Degrees) 85 Up / 90 Down
Weight (Approx.) 2,140 lbs. with oil

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