Hydraulic Boom Flails

Boom Flail Mower

Reach out and get those tough to maintain areas with this updated family of boom mowers. Cut down your mowing time and keep it that way, on your ranch, farm and roadsides. Tackle these hard to reach areas safely from the comfort of your cab.

There are 3 new models that provide flexibility and durability for the easy to tough jobs. Horizontal reaches from 13’-8” to 18’-8” allows the operator to stay on firm ground and reach those hard to get to locations. The boom reach for maximum cutting heights range from 14’-2” to 23’-8” to trim tree rows or tall hedges. Each model is available with a 37” Hedge Flail for up to 4” Cut Capacity or a 37” or 50” Universal Boot Flail for up to 2” Cut Capacity. All 3 models are 3 point mounted for quick installation and standard cable control from the cab.


Boom Flail Mower (Model 1358) Boom Flail Mower (Model 1958) Boom Flail Mower (Model 1558)

Features and Benefits

  • Tractor requirements of 40 PTO HP to 65 PTO HP and tractor weights from 3,500 US Pounds.
  • 3 Flail Heads to choose from. 37” (2” Grass or 4” Rough) Cut Capacity or the 50” (2” Grass) Cut Capacity.
  • 240° Head rotation on all models.
  • Simple cable controlled in-cab control.
  • Hydraulic break away safety mechanism built into the 1958 model, mechanical breakaway on the 1358 and the 1558.
  • Machine weights from 1,338 US Pounds to 2,590 US Pounds with Oil and no cutter head.
  • 3 point mounted for ease of installing the machine.



1358 1558 1958
Tractor HP (Min)* 45 PTO HP* 60 PTO HP* 65 PTO HP*
Tractor Weight (Min) 3,500 lbs. 4,400 lbs. 6,500 lbs.
Tractor PTO 540 RPM 540 RPM 540 RPM
Machine Weight w/ Oil 1,338 lbs 1,405 lbs 2,590 lbs
Hydraulic System Twin Pump Twin Pump Twin Pump
Hyd Reservoir Capacity 35 U.S. Gal. 35 U.S. Gal. 42 U.S. Gal.
Attachment Method 3-Point Mount 3-Point Mount 3-Point Mount
Controls Cable Controlled Cable Controlled Cable Controlled
Max Reach, Horizontal 13’-9” 15’-5” 18’-8”
Up-Bank Reach 12’-3” 13’-10” 19’-4”
Down-Bank Reach 8’-9” 10’-5” 12’-8”
Max Flat Cutting Height 9’-6” 11’-1” 17’-8”
Max Cutting Height 14'-2” 15’-9” 23’-8”
Head Rotation 240° 240° 240°
Breakout System Gravity Mechanical Gravity Mechanical Gravity Mechanical
Hydraulic Power 45 HP Total 45 HP Total 54 HP Total
Cable Control Standard Standard Standard
Rotor Control Cable Reversible Cable Reversible Cable Reversible
Approx. Shipping Weight 1,563 lbs. 1,629 lbs. 3,157 lbs.

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