Multispindle TW120

The TW Series are heavy duty crop shredders that make short work of those larger mowing jobs.

TW120 and TW144 are ideal for pasture maintenance, orchard applications, shredding stalks, or cutting material up to 2" in diameter. The TW168 is built tough to shred stalks efficiently, including corn, cotton, milo, and vegetable crops with less maintenance costs than conventional flail units.

The TW Series are available as a three-point lift or pull-type model and 540 or 1000 RPM to fit a wide range of tractors. The center gearbox features splined input and output shafts and tapered roller bearings for added durability and longer service life. The gearboxes and Cat 4 driveline are protected from sudden shockloads by an adjustable slip clutch on the main driveline and by torque dampeners on both side drives. All feature a heavily-reinforced, 10-gauge top deck with rounded-edge design for enhanced appearance, easy clean-off, and added strength. Tall, 1/4" thick side skirts and an obstruction-free underside allow high volumes of material to flow easily through the cutting chamber. Standard pan blade carriers, updraft blades, and a 4" blade overlap help assure a smooth, even cut. Rhino® Quality and Toughness make the TW120, TW144, and TW168 excellent choices!


The TW120 cuts a 120" swath of material. The center gearbox, rated at 120 HP, transfers power to the 100 HP outboard gearboxes. Torque dampeners on both sides of the center gearbox help minimize driveline and gearbox damage caused from sudden shockloads. Massive 2-3/8" diameter output shafts in the outboard gearboxes help provide optimum service. The pulltype unit requires a 50 HP (min.) tractor and the lift-type unit requires a 60 HP (min.) tractor (with adequate front weights).


The TW144 cuts a full 144" swath. The 120 HP center gearbox transfers power to the 100 HP outboard gearboxes. The pull-type unit requires a 55 HP tractor (min.) and the lift-type unit requires a 70 HP (min.) tractor (with adequate front weights).


With the addition of the optional shredding kit, the TW168 features 12 free-swinging and 4 stationary blades for increased shredding action. The “baffling” included in the kit helps deflect material into the cutting chamber and evenly distribute the shredded material across the width of the machine.

The lift-type TW168 features a heavy-duty CAT II-III and Quick Hitch for extra durability. The lift-type unit is available with 4.00 x 8 laminated or 6 x 9 foam-filled, used airplane tires to better fit your application. The axles are adjustable to fit varying row crop widths.

Additional features

Square bolts

  • Square shouldered blade bolts are standard on the Rhino TW120 and TW144 for long lasting durability. The square shoulder means that the bolt cannot turn in the blade carrier providing less risk of premature wear compared to round shoulder blade bolts used on most competitive cutters. Round shouldered blade bolts have a small “pressed” key formed on the side. If the key wears or shears off there is little to prevent the bolt from turning in the hole, which can ruin the blade carrier.

TWISTER® multi-spindle units

  • Double torque dampeners on both side drives help cushion sudden shockloads on the gearboxes and drivelines.Gearbox strength and durability are enhanced by the 1-3/4" splined shafts and tapered roller bearings. The gearboxes and drivelines are fully-shielded for added safety.
  • Easily-adjustable slip clutch - All TW's feature an easily-adjustable slip clutch and a Cat 4 driveline. The center gearbox is rated at 120 HP.
  • Rhino quality and toughness - Rhino Quality and Toughness are built into every TW mainframe. The 10-gauge top deck is reinforced with formed channel bracing. The rolled-edge design adds both strength and eye appeal. The gearboxes and the threepoint hitch lugs are mounted to the frame, not the deck, to minimize downtime.
  • Auxiliary wheel spindle kit - An optional auxiliary wheel spindle kit is available for both the TW120 and TW144 pull-type units. The kit easily bolts into the axle arm beam for those applications where dual wheels are needed for added flotation and stability.
  • Spring shock absorber - A spring shock absorber is available as optional equipment for the pull-type TW120 and TW144. The springs help cushion the shock loads that the deck will encounter when operating in rough terrain. Standard hydraulic control spacers are used with the available hydraulic cylinder to set the cutting height on pull-type units.
  • Deck bracing - The design and the amount of deck bracing found on the Rhino TW120 and TW144 makes the Rhino deck weldment one of the strongest in the industry. The deck is braced side to side and front to rear to help provide years of service.The pull-type units feature dual control rods. The use of dual control rods provides greater load carrying capacity and helps evenly distribute the weight of the cutter to both sides of the tongue and rear axle. Compare this to some competitive cutters that only use a single control rod design where all the weight is concentrated on one side of the tongue and axle.

Features and Benefits

  • Slip clutch
  • Torque dampeners
  • CAT IV driveline
  • 10 gauge deck
  • 1/4" side skirts
  • Quick hitch compatible



TW120 TW144 TW168
Cutting Width 120" 144" 168"
Hitch - Pull Clevis Clevis Clevis
Hitch - Semi-Mount, Offset N/A N/A N/A
HP Required (Min.) - Lift 60 70 80
HP Required (Min.) - Pull 50 55 60
HP Required (Min.) - Semi-Mount, Offset N/A N/A N/A
Gearbox Rating - Center 120 120 125 (540) / 140 (1000)
Gearbox Rating - Outboard 100 100 125 (540) / 140 (1000)
Output Shaft Diameter 2-3/8" 2-3/8" 2-3/8"
Blade Tip Speed - 540 RPM 15,423 FPM 15,523 FPM 13,300 FPM
Blade Tip Speed - 1000 RPM 16,166 FPM 15,839 FPM 13,200 FPM