Rhino® Turbo Series cutters are the premium 8' and 10' rotary cutters on the market!

The super-duty Rhino® Turbo 96 and Turbo 120 are 8? and 10? rotary cutters designed for use in demanding agricultural, commercial and industrial mowing applications. They set the standard for premium design and performance in multi-spindle rotary cutters. Features include the patented Turbo Dome™ double deck where both deck sheets cover the entire mainframe. The top sheet is domed for easier clean off and minimal material build up. The lower deck sheet protects the upper sheet from being damaged. The Turbo Series also raises the bar in power transmission. Both units feature high horsepower rated gearboxes and the highest maximum cutting capacity ratings in their respective size classes. Other quality features include fast blade tip speeds for a clean cut, cross-braced pan blade carriers for greater durability, and greaseable pivot bushings on the pull-type and semi-mount model axles for longer wear. Front and rear guarding, plus shielded drivelines and gearboxes are standard for greater safety.

Proven features and specifications

  • Turbo Dome™ double deck that is domed for easy clean off and minimal material build up.
  • High horsepower rated gearboxes
  • Highest maximum cutting capacity ratings in their respective size classes
  • Smooth, obstruction free underside of the deck for efficient material flow through the cutting chamber
  • Deep decks to handle larger volumes of material more easily
  • Cross-braced pan blade carriers for greater durability

20 reasons why Rhino® Turbo Series is top of the line

  1. Your choice of hitch options-lift, pull, or semimount hyd. offset.
  2. Highest maximum cut capacity ratings in their size classes.
  3. Replaceable skid shoes help save you time and money.
  4. Fast blade tip speeds for a clean cut.
  5. Side skirts are 1/4” thick steel and 10” tall for longer life and easier cutting of high volume material.
  6. Turbo Dome™ Deck design slopes front to rear and side to side for easier clean off and minimal material build up.
  7. Front and rear single or double chain guards are optional, deflectors are standard.
  8. Tire options for the pull–type unit include laminated, used foam-filled airplane tire, used airplane tire or 15” wheel.
  9. An optional spring shock absorber is available to reduce shock loads to the deck (pulltype or semi-mount).
  10. Five-bolt wheel hubs (pull-type) are standard for greater load carrying capacity than cutters with four-bolt wheel hubs.
  11. Auxiliary wheel spindle kit (pull-type) is available for applications requiring additional tires and wheels.
  12. Greaseable pivot bushings (pull and semimount axle) for longer life of the unit is standard.
  13. A transport latch is standard (pull or semimount with hydraulic cylinder) to help safely transport the unit.
  14. Double deck design for great strength and help maintaining a “new” look.
  15. Reinforced round pan blade carriers for added strength and support.
  16. Large, heavy-duty gearboxes are among the highest rated in their respective size classes.
  17. Heavy-duty top side drivelines for improved performance.
  18. Shielded drivelines and gearboxes for greater safety.
  19. Pedestal mount carrier bearing design delivers long lasting performance (pull-type).
  20. Category 4 driveline is standard to deliver the power to the cutter.

Features and Benefits

  • Turbo dome deck- double layered deck for optimal durability and easy clean off
  • Smooth obstruction free underside of deck
  • Deep deck for larger volume of material
  • Cross-braced blade pan carrier



TR96 TR120
Cutting Width 97" 120"
Cutting Height 1-1/2"-12" 1-1/2"-12"
Hitch - Pull Clevis Clevis
Hitch - Semi-Mount CAT II (Offsets 11" L or R) CAT II (Offsets 15" L or R)
HP Required (Min.) - Lift 55 80
HP Required (Min.) - Pull 30 55
HP Required (Min.) - Semi-Mount 30 55
Gearbox Rating - Center 120 210
Gearbox Rating - Outboard 110 205
Output Shaft Diameter 2-3/8" 2-3/8"
Cutting Capacity (Max.) 2-1/2" 3"