SRT Light Duty

The SRT series of rotary tillers offer state-of-the-art design and superior features for unparalleled quality and performance.

Every Rhino® tiller features a rugged tubular steel mainframe and heavy-duty, three-point hitch that far exceeds the strength of most competitive models for unmatched quality. Rated for 540 RPM tractors from 10 to 50 HP, Rhino tillers fit a wide range of CAT I-II tractors and applications. Standard features include field-proven cast gearboxes, adjustable skid shoes, heat-treated carbon steel knives, an adjustable rear deflector, and fully-enclosed oil bath rotor drives for optimum wear and performance. A heavy-duty support stand is standard on all models for safer storage and easier unit “hook-up.” All drivelines and rotor drive systems are fully shielded for greater operator safety. Rhino tillers - stylish design, useful features, built-in-toughness.

SRT tillers are rated for 10 to 50 HP tractors and are ideal for hobby use, gardening, or general landscape applications. Available in five models ranging in widths of 40" up to 73", Rhino SRT tillers are especially popular with gardeners and weekend farmers. Each SRT features a Cat 3 driveline with slip clutch protection and a heavy-duty chain rotor drive system for maximum durability. Every SRT also features a stamped three-point hitch with double lower hitch lugs instead of bolt-on hitch pins for maximum strength. All SRT tillers feature four hardened carbon steel knives per flange and a rotor speed of 240 to 370 RPM for long wear and thorough tilling.

The SRT40, SRT48, and SRT55 feature a thru shaft in the gearbox allowing the tiller to be side-shifted for tilling outside the tractor tire, a valuable feature in landscaping and gardening applications. The gearbox and driveline remain in-line with the tractor PTO for reduced wear on the drive components. The rear deflector is adjustable for different degrees of finish performed on the tilled soil.

Every Rhino tiller features a heavy-duty, fully-shielded driveline for greater operator safety. And Rhino tillers feature a heavy-duty hitch and A-frame. Compared to the strap-type hitch on most competitive tillers, the design of the “stamped” Rhino hitch is superior in strength and rigidity for years of dependable use.

Replaceable, hardened knives are standard on every tiller from Rhino for long wear and easier maintenance. The SRT series features four hardened knives per flange with maximum tilling depths of 7".

The SRT series features a chain drive rotor system. The gears and chains run in a fully enclosed oil bath for constant lubrication and long service life. Adjustable skid shoes are standard on every Rhino tiller to help maintain the desired tilling depth.

Features and Benefits

  • Chain drive
  • Variable rear deflector
  • CAT III drivelines
  • Rotor speed of 240 to 370 RPM



Tilling Width 40" 48" 55" 65" 73"
Overall Width 45" 53" 59" 69" 78"
Tilling Depth (Max.) 7" 7" 7" 7" 7"
Support Stand Std. Std. Std. Std. Std.
Knife Type "C" "C" "C" "C" "C"
Number of Knives 16 20 28 48 54
Number of Flanges 4 5 7 8 9
Recommended PTO HP (Min/Max) 10 / 30 10 / 30 20 / 35 30 / 50 30 / 50
Rotor Speed (RPM) (540 RPM) 370 370 240 240 240
Driveline Size (Eurocardan/ASABE) Cat 4 / Cat 3 Cat 4 / Cat 3 Cat 4 / Cat 3 Cat 4 / Cat 3 Cat 4 / Cat 3
Driveline Protection Slip Clutch Slip Clutch Slip Clutch Slip Clutch Slip Clutch
Housing Thickness 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm
End Plate Thickness 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm
Rotor Drive Type Chain Chain Chain Chain Chain
Weight (Approx.) (lbs.) 241 318 365 462 495