Flex Flail

What do you get when you combine over 50 years of flail mower manufacturing expertise and 45+ years of flex-wing design knowledge? The Flex Flail from Rhino®.

Specifically designed to make fast work of big jobs, the Flex Flail is ideal for maintaining grounds that demand an immaculate cut including many of today’s special turf grasses. Add in a heavy-duty frame, field proven mowing heads plus dependable drive components and you have a piece of equipment that is truly built to last.

Automatic Wing Transport Locks

Standard for greater safety in transport or while servicing the blades. The transport locks can be released from the tractor seat for greater convenience.

Hydraulic Wing Fold

Standard for greater operator convenience.

Super-Heavy Duty Mowing Heads

Provide long lasting durability. The all-welded hood and thick end plates are reinforced front and rear for outstanding strength.

Low Profile Wing

Allows mowing under tree limbs and low hanging obstacles for a more complete mowing job.

Cutting Heights

A cutting height range of 1"-6" is available by adjusting the rear roller.

Dolly Wheels

Heavy-duty pneumatic 11L-15 floatation dolly wheels provide high load carrying capacity and excellent floatation.

Wing Flex Range

An operating Wing Flex Range of 30 degrees up and 30 degrees down allows mowing of uneven terrain and adds to the versatility of the Flex Flail.

Fine or Coarse Cut Knives

A choice of a fine or coarse cut rotor shaft is available. Fine cut is ideal for turf farms where an extremely clean, smooth cut is important. A coarse cut rotor is designed for general mowing applications.

Transport Width

A transport width of 96" allows easier and safer travel on narrow roads.

Mowing Head

Each mowing head features a 10 gauge hood designed to deflect cut material downward. This provides two main benefits. The first benefit is any foreign object is thrown down instead of out reducing the risk of injury or damage compared to conventional rotary mowers. Secondly, more of the grass clippings are thrown down into the turf instead of out on top of the remaining turf reducing the risk of yellowing.

Additional features include:

  • Full length rear roller to help prevent scalping
  • Low horsepower requirements
  • Provides excellent results in Zoysia and Bermuda Grass
  • Flail mowing technology assures even disbursement of clippings, and no windrowing. The 8900 FPM blade tip speed and forward blade rotation provides a manicured cut.
  • Wide cutting widths help make short work of big mowing jobs. The FX21 can mow 10.18 acres per hour at 4MPH. (Assumes no overlap, turns, or stops.)
  • Safer operation around people, animals, and property is an added benefit provided by the design of the hood. Foreign objects hit by blades are discharged downward.
  • The pull-type design means your tractor is available for other uses. The mower is not mounted to the tractor and attachment is quick and easy.
  • A Category 4 constant velocity main driveline is standard for smooth operation through turns.
  • 150 HP Main Gearbox delivers power to the wings.
  • Shielded drivelines and belts are standard for greater operator safety.

Proven design and dependability

  • Super heavy-duty flail mower heads
  • Reversible, self-cleaning knives turn at rate of 8900 FPM
  • Near mulch-like cutting
  • Even disbursement and rapid decomposition of clippings
  • Deflects objects down (not out) for safer operation

Features and Benefits

  • Super heavy-duty flail mower heads
  • Reversible self-cleaning knives
  • Even disbursement
  • Deflects objects down for safer operation
  • 1"-6" cutting height



FX17 FX21
Cutting Width 198" 252"
Operating Wing Flex Range 30 Degrees up / 30 Degrees Down 30 Degrees up / 30 Degrees Down
Cutting Height Range 1" - 6" 1" - 6"
Cutting Capacity Grass Grass
Horsepower Required (540 RPM) 40 HP 45 HP
Decks Two 62", One 88" Three 88"
Main Gearbox Rating 150 HP 150 HP
Main Drive Belt 5 Groove, Power Band 5 Groove, Power Band
Automatic Wing Transport Lock Std. Std.
Overall Weight (Approx.) 4,450 lbs. 4,674 lbs.