The Bi-Fold Rake is designed and produced to be a simple and efficient medium size pull-type V-rake for larger haying operations.

Castor wheels support the rake arms and help maintain proper contact between the independently floating rake wheels and the ground in uneven terrain. Out front rake wheels mean unobstructed raking of larger windrows. Four, full size 195-65/15 tires are standard equipment and give the BF stability in the field.

Both the BF and DF rakes are equipped with a ratchet jack to manually adjust the windrow width allowing you to match the windrow size to the pickup of your baler. The result is increased efficiency of the baling process. An optional hydraulic cylinder kit is available to adjust the windrow width on the DF series for greater operator convenience.

Bi-fold extra equipment

  • Hydraulic lift center wheel kit
  • Hydraulic wing kit (To open one side only)

Features and Benefits

  • Spring steel fingers on rake wheels
  • No hydraulics, no drivelines, no belts
  • Operating speeds up to 14 MPH
  • Narrow transport width of 10'
  • Floating rake wheels to follow ground contour
  • Adjustable to fit numerous raking applications
  • Optional single side wing kit



BF10 BF12
Number of Rake Wheels 10 12
Number of Tines Per Wheel 40 40
Manually Adjustable Windrow Width 3' - 6 ' 3' - 6 '
Working Width 20' 4" 23' 3"
Operating Speed (MPH) 5-14 5-14
Horsepower Required (Min.) 30 30
Tire Size 195-65/15 195-65/15
Number of Tires 4 4
Transport Width 8' 3" 8' 3"
Safety Lights Std. Std.
Weight (lbs.) 3,015 lbs. 3,050 lbs.