Special Offers

Take a look at our financing and leasing offers on Rhino® products! We have new offers all the time, so check back often!

Rhino®/Wells Fargo continue 0% Financing on Flex-Wing Cutters

This program allows dealers to easily quote a competitive monthly payment for established customers and prospects. Included in this program Wells Fargo can provide dealers with 0% financing on Rhino Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters on purchases of $10,000 or more. There are two ways to finance at the 0% level: the 0%/12-month program or the 0%/2-year program, which offers four semi-annual payments. Leading with 0% will differentiate dealers from all competitors and give your prospects a reason to buy.

Wells Fargo is a leader in the market by lending approximately $9.4 billion in agricultural loans.

Zero Turn Retail Financing now Available Through Wells Fargo Financial

There are multiple financing options available on the Rhino Zero-Turn lineup. The popular 0% - 24 Month program is available, along with (2) No-No programs. The first is NO Interest ? No Payment at 36 Months and the second is 60 Months. Interest begins 6 Months after Month finance begins on both the 36 Months and 60 Months program. There is also a 36 Month and a standard 48 Month program.

Contact your Rhino dealer today or call 877-408-3297 for more information on the Rhino Zero Turn Radius models of Typhoon, Tornado and Twister. Now is a great time to purchase with no interest payments before the spring grass starts growing.