February 9, 2010

Alamo Group® is pleased to announce the introduction of a new product into the Rhino family. The Brush Grapple attachment for Front End Loaders and Skid Loaders will be shown at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

These all new grapples provide the tools farmers, ranchers, and homeowners need to help clean up storm debris or other types of debris around their property. The grapples are available in three widths, 60", 72", and 84" and are compatible with universal skid steer quick attach or Euro-style quick attach devices.

"Many brush grapples are too heavy for large compact or utility size tractor loaders. We focused on providing a light weight, rugged design that is capable of handling the work while being light enough to be used by compact or utility tractors, and we accomplished that goal with this product," said Randy Webb, Rhino's Product Marketing Manager.

The wide grapple opening, with serrated leading edge and tine "teeth" provides faster cleanup operations by grabbing the material and holding it in place while it is being transported. The independent upper grapples allow holding unevenly shaped brush or other debris with maximum clamping force. The grapples close down to the lower tines to provide holding power for a wide range of material sizes.

Contact your Rhino dealer today or call 877-408-3297 for more information on the new family of Brush Grapple Attachments from Rhino.